Nothing is left to chance when our product developers are creating the dog gear of the future. Every single detail is thought through and thoroughly tested before launching a product.

The process from idea to finished product usually takes two years.

The athletes and communities we cooperate with will often give us ideas for new products or upgrades to existing ones. We are thankful for all the feedback we can get, says the mastermind behind much of our gear, Product development & production manager Sebastian Plur Nilssen.

He has been a part of Non-stop dogwear since the beginning. He has a unique ability to find creative and functional solutions that makes everyday life easier for dog owners - and life as a dog even better. To Sebastian, product development is more than a job. It is a lifestyle.

I think our subconscious minds are working 24/7. The best ideas often appear right before I am falling asleep, or the moment I wake up, product designer Sigbjørn Kristiansen Næss adds.

Both have years of experience with dogs through hiking and expeditions. They know the importance of solid gear that does not break or fail. This first-hand knowledge they have in mind when new ideas find the way to the drawing board. Then, the team has to find the right materials. Different products require different properties of materials. These choices we make in partnership with our production sites.

We mainly manufacture in Asia. Our production sites have high expertise in textiles. I visit the factories four to five times a year, and it is always beneficial. All facilities have ISO-9001 standards, meaning they have a high standard and good working conditions. Production and quality reflects this.

When the prototype is ready, it is time to test the product.

We have an excellent team helping us test prototypes. This group consists of professional athletes as well as everyday active dog owners from Norway and abroad. Thanks to them, we get to see how the products will work within various activities and breeds over time. That way, we can see if anything needs improvement before we put it into production, Sigbjørn says.

In the final stages, the sales team is usually eager to release the product to the market.

They want it out as soon as possible. It is great that both colleagues and customers are excited about what we are working on.

Product development is a continuous process.

We have several new products evolving at all times, parallel with upgrading existing ones. It is a demanding but fascinating job. Releasing a new product to the market is always amusing!